QuickBooks Online Test Drive

Quickbooks Online Test Drive

There are many different reasons you could be looking to preview QuickBooks Online. You may be completely unfamiliar with the platform, you may be interested in seeing how it compares to QuickBooks Desktop, or you may want to dive in and try things you might not feel comfortable experimenting with in your company’s QuickBooks file. Whatever your reason may be, Intuit has your answer.

QuickBooks offers a sample company that you can use to try out QuickBooks Online Plus. It is available for those who live in six different countries, including the United States, Australia, and Canada. To view your country’s version, visit QuickBooks’ support page. Please note, this test drive does not allow you to save on the demo file. For those looking to do so, you will need to sign up for their 30-day free trial.

Features to Test in QuickBooks’ Online Test Drive

When using QuickBook’s Online Sample Companies, you can test out many of their features found in their Online Plus edition. While you cannot connect your bank, you can practice utilizing many of their features to help you feel more comfortable with the platform. Some of the features you can test out include:

Become Familiar with the Dashboard

For users who are completely new to QuickBooks, the thought of learning a new computer software may be intimidating. This test drive allows you to become used to the QuickBooks Online dashboard and how to navigate through the software quickly and efficiently. Your dashboard gives you the option to see a high level of many different reports, including your expenses and profit and loss, for various time periods. You can easily see your different bank accounts, their balance in the bank and their balance in QuickBooks.

You can also become familiar with both the left hand navigation and the plus symbol at the top right corner of your screen. These menus will help you navigate through the software and find what you’re looking to do.

Design an Invoice Template

Whether you choose to begin from a template or start from scratch, you can control what your invoices look like. Add your logo, choose your font, incorporate some color, and once you’re finished, you can view it is a PDF. You can even print out a sample invoice to see what it will look like.

Practice Sending Invoices and Setting Up Payments

For those who are unfamiliar with the platform, QuickBooks allows you to go through the motions of sending an invoice, as well as setting up sales and refund receipts. Find these options under the ‘Customers’ tab after hitting the plus sign icon (+) located in the top right section of your screen. From there, you can practice adding your customers and adding line items to these receipts.

Print a Sample Check

For those who are completely new to QuickBooks, you can follow our instructions on how to print a sample check in this online preview. This can be helpful for users who are new to the program adjust before setting up their own QuickBooks file.

Customize Reports

QuickBooks Online Test Drive lets you preview and customize over 80 different reporting options offered in their Online Plus edition. Some of these reporting options include: Profit and Loss, Invoice List, Open Purchase Order List, etc. When you click into a report, you will find the common options at the top. For those more familiar with the program, you can experiment using the advanced customization options as well. You also have the option to change the report’s design.

Practice Reviewing Items from Your Bank

In QuickBooks, it’s vital that you reconcile all of your accounts. Failure to do this can lead to a costly but common QuickBooks mistake. By clicking on the banking tab on the left side of your screen, you can practice matching items to an existing record or add it as a new record. You will also find examples where payment records are already matched, with the option to review the record.

Practice Preparing 1099s

QuickBooks allows you to prepare your 1099 information in their software, and for a fee, helps you e-file with the IRS.

Preview and Add to a Time Sheet

Your employees are a vital part of your business. That’s why it’s important that you know how to enter your employees’ time data and hours worked, as this will help you create their paychecks. In addition, TSheets by QuickBooks helps you track time on any device and enjoy streamlined payroll and accurate invoices. TSheets also has a free trial that users can enjoy.

Keep Tabs on Your Inventory

Whether you need to track your inventory, products you buy/sell but can’t track quantities of, or you provide a service, QuickBooks Online helps you keep track of your products and services. This will help you always know what is running low and what’s out of stock, which ensures that you will always have what your customers want. To reach this screen, choose the ‘sales’ option on the left hand navigation, and then click ‘Products and Services’ at the top.

The features listed above are only a few of the ways QuickBooks can help contribute to the overall success of your business. In addition, once you own a version of QuickBooks, you can add additional plugins, like a payment processing solution, to further enhance the software.