The Scoop

Heartland has been increasing their Non-PCI Compliant fees from an industry standard $9.99 to $125.00/mo., (which can easily be construed as a money grabbing scheme). Unfortunately, many Merchant Service Providers are taking advantage of this non compliance revenue status as it’s hard for the merchants to grasp what that means and, how to be compliant. Even if you are PCI compliant but you don’t submit the paperwork, you will still be assessed the non compliance fee.

Heartland’s Non-PCI Compliance fee as of 07/2022

PCI Non-Compliance Fee Reminder

As small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to hackers, breaches and cyber-attacks, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is critical. The card brands mandate that acquirers (like Heartland) report on the PCI DSS compliance of their merchants. As of April 30, 2022, we have not received your PCI DSS compliance validation, and your account is in a non-compliant status. As a result, Heartland has assessed your account a PCI Non-Compliance fee, in the amount of $125, which is reflected as a separate line item on your merchant statement. This amount will continue to be assessed monthly until you have provided your PCI DSS compliance validation.

Heartland offers a Merchant Protection Program (in partnership with ControlScan) to help our merchants obtain PCI DSS compliance validation. Your business is not required to use this offering; however, you are required to assess your compliance status and provide Heartland with confirmation of your PCI DSS compliance status. If you are working with ControlScan, and have questions about your compliance status, please feel free to contact them at (800) 477-3590 – 1 (Support).

If you have any questions about PCI DSS compliance, please contact our Customer Service team at 888-963-3600.