PaymentCollect® Does the Little Things Your Business Needs

Our customers tell us that PaymentCollect® has helped their business in unexpected ways. From customer service to optimization, our goal is to make your job easier while taking care of every little detail. Helping You Minimize Mistakes Merchants frequently encounter problems with credit card storage systems and integrations, specifically those that allow any employee with […]

We Deal with the Payment Processing Technology, So You Don’t Have To

In the world of payment processing technology, things move quickly and sometimes that can be overwhelming. PaymentCollect® is here to take away that unneeded stress. That’s why we want you to be able to understand what we can do for you, without getting lost in the complicated details. How Does PaymentCollect® Save You Money?  Credit/Debit […]

Pros and Cons of Electronic Payment Integration

Any type of technology can seem unsettling to new users. That’s why PaymentCollect® and QuickBooks® are here to help you, so you can utilize the functions of electronic payment systems, like POS, Desktop, and Online plugins without feeling weary of downsides. Whether you are an established business looking to make a shift to e-commerce or […]

Electric Payments Merchant Spotlight – Integrate your Shopify Store

E-commerce services like Shopify and QuickBooks® allow for businesses to reach a larger audience which is especially important when walk in traffic is limited. When you choose PaymentCollect® to help these services work together, growing your online presence is easy.  QuickBooks® and Shopify Assets and Financial Data all in One PlacePaymentCollect® allows you to multitask, […]

Streamlined Invoicing and Tasks to Help Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner, we know you work hard around the clock to ensure your business is running smoothly. Aspects such as online payroll and managing electronic payments should not have to add to your stress or affect your customer service. With PaymentCollect® and QuickBooks®, administration tasks are easy and seamless so […]

It’s Easy to Choose PaymentCollect® as your Electronic Payment System

Are you Tired of QuickBooks® Unnecessary Software Updates?  Merchants commonly use the QuickBooks® enterprise because it’s familiar, relatively inexpensive and popular. We love QuickBooks® Plugins, however, what we do not love is the constant upgrades required in order to keep using Intuit Merchant Services. PaymentCollect® wants you to continue using QuickBooks®, while also using our […]

Get up and Running with PaymentCollect ® and QuickBooks® in 2021

Organization and efficiency are effortless with QuickBooks® Desktop Plugins and PaymentCollect ®. QuickBooks® makes it painless for businesses, freelancers, and accountants to process their electronic payments with ease! Whether you are getting paid, or paying others, PaymentCollect ® makes it easy.

What Does E-commerce Look Like in 2021?

Electronic Payment Systems: Moving Beyond Cash, Checks Through 2020, the world has seen an increase in consumers turning to e-commerce and electronic payment methods. Did you know that Forbes magazine says there has been a 149% increase in US and Canadian online retailers since April 21st, 2020? Along with that, shopping at small and medium-sized […]

QuickBooks Online Accountant: Everything a Pro Needs to Know

QuickBooks Online Accountant is an essential tool for professionals to use. The platform makes it easy to manage all aspects of your practice from just one login. Learn more about the platform and how it can help improve your day-to-day tasks as an accountant below. What is QuickBooks Accountant? While QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions […]

New Features in QuickBooks Online

Updates to QuickBooks Online- Summer 2018 Intuit is always hard at work in hopes to improve their products and help business owners maximize their efficiency. The latest updates to QuickBooks Online is a mixture of new features on the platform, as well as many performance improvements to ensure QuickBooks Online runs as quickly and as […]