Common Errors in Sending Email from QuickBooks

Benefits of Sending Email from QuickBooks While configuring your email may not be the newest feature from Intuit’s QuickBooks, it is definitely one of the most helpful ones. Connecting your email address to your QuickBooks account is highly beneficial, as it allows you to send invoices, as well as send and receive reports without having […]

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Reviews

No matter what version of QuickBooks Online you have, chances are it is an integral part of your business’ operations. Not only is Intuit’s software easy to use, but also, it’s ability to connect to hundreds of different integrations makes QuickBooks one of the most popular accounting softwares in the market. One of the many […]

QuickBooks Online Test Drive

There are many different reasons you could be looking to preview QuickBooks Online. You may be completely unfamiliar with the platform, you may be interested in seeing how it compares to QuickBooks Desktop, or you may want to dive in and try things you might not feel comfortable experimenting with in your company’s QuickBooks file. […]

How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online

Printing checks in QuickBooks Online is easier than you may think! Find out why you should be writing and printing your checks on QuickBooks and step-by-step instructions below. Requirements to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online Before you get started, it’s important that you meet all of the requirements of printing a check in QuickBooks Online. […]

Signatures No Longer Required for EMV Cards

Gone are the days of signing your name at checkout! As of April, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express no longer require merchants who are EMV compliant to collect and store signatures for POS transactions where a card is present. This decision moves away from a decades old ritual of using a signature as a […]

Plug-In Product for QuickBooks® Online Released

PaymentCollect® is proud to announce the launch of its new plug-in product for QuickBooks® Online.  This fully integrated product allows merchants to take advantage of all of the great features included in QuickBooks’ newest product without losing anything they love about working with PaymentCollect®: exceptional software, excellent customer support and the smoothest onboarding process in […]

EMV Compliance Explained

While EMV compliance has been around for quite some time, there still tends to be a lot of confusion around the subject. What is EMV compliance, and how can you as a merchant ensure your business is EMV complaint? Find all of your answers below! What is EMV Compliance? Have you ever wondered what caused […]

QuickBooks Training – Free and Paid Options

Whether you’re brand new to QuickBooks or looking to learn more about an advanced feature, there is an extensive range of both free and paid resources available to you. But which option is the best for your needs? That depends on your budget, time, and knowledge of the platform. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list […]

Common QuickBooks Software Error Codes

Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks is one of the most well known accounting softwares for business owners. It has completely changed the way accounting is done for small and medium sized businesses. No matter if it’s the Desktop or Online version, QuickBooks is an integral part of how many businesses operate. But like all programs, there […]

7 Common QuickBooks Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

QuickBooks is a vital component to the success of many small businesses. This software helps effectively manage inventory, sales, and payroll, while also offering other important financial record-related items. While this tool helps millions of businesses succeed, there are some common mistakes many business owners make, which costs their company time and money. But luckily, […]