Affordable Payment Processing for All QuickBooks® Products

Since PaymentCollect’s inception in 2010, we have been exclusively dedicated to developing QuickBooks integration plugins and infrastructure surrounding it so that you can save money compared to Intuit Merchant Services and other solutions.

Having worked with Banks, Payment Processors and ISO’s for so many years have allowed us to create an easy to use, well featured and robust solutions for each one of the QuickBooks family products. In fact, we are the only ones with a fully integrated QuickBooks Online solution.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t introduce custom forms to avoid dealing with the complexities of a full QuickBooks integration. We put the time, knowledge and effort in what we do, so that you and your employees experience minimum training and change of workflow.

We are known for our simplicity of use, product robustness, easy to use and excellent live support.

Same workflow, lower cost…

PaymentCollect is the only integrated end-to-end solution that guarantees the lowest rate, and the best product and support.

While other solutions encompasses multiple parties involved: The sales agent, the Merchant Service Provider (MSP) and the software integration company that provides you with the plugin, each one vying for their own interest in maximizing their revenues. PaymentCollect takes care of providing an end-to-end solution. This means, less commissions, faster support and no finger pointing.

All these fees are passed on to you!

When it comes to support, you might find yourself having to reach multiple parties in order to get an answer or a resolution.

This is why we are different. Our cost of development and support is all covered by the revenue from the payment processing. Your rate is secured so you don’t get undisclosed increases or surprises. You no longer need to call multiple parties to get an answer or resolve an issue!

All your needs are serviced by PaymentCollect, fast, efficiently and reliably!

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