Heartland – Non-EMV Surcharge

The Scoop Heartland is now charging an additional penalty fee of 1% for every Non-EMV (credit card not present) transaction.

Heartland – Non PCI Compliance Fee

The Scoop Heartland has been increasing their Non-PCI Compliant fees from an industry standard $9.99 to $125.00/mo., (which can easily be construed as a money grabbing scheme). Unfortunately, many Merchant Service Providers are taking [...]

New Saturday Support

You have asked for it and we have listened! We have now added Customer Support on Saturdays... While it is still a paid Support option, we now have staff ready to take your calls when [...]

Heartland Statement Example 2

Another example of a merchant with more than double the average processing rate. The effective rate in this case is estimated at 4.56%