This is a unique part-time or full-time opportunity from the developers of the highly awarded QuickBooks plugins.

QuickBooks is the most widely used Point of Sale and account package for small to medium businesses.

With over 4.5 Million users for QuickBooks Online as of 2019 (with Payment Collect being the only company with an integrated plugin for it) and over 12 Million users for QuickBooks Point of Sale, it’s fairly common to find or come across someone using QuickBooks.

The Opportunity

QuickBooks has 3 product lines. QuickBooks Accounting, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

This opportunity is for companies utilizing QuickBooks to receive/process payments (for QuickBooks Point of Sale, that is 100% of all cases).

For QuickBooks Accounting and QuickBooks Online, we don’t have exact numbers as they can also be used exclusively as an accounting package or to receive payments as well.

What is the potential?

When you identify a company that processes payments (through Intuit Merchant Services or any other service) and introduce them to us, we will analyze their current payment processing statements and present them with a savings plan. In most cases, we can save them thousands of dollar a year.

If the pricing proposal is accepted, you will receive a handsome compensation (we are able to do this because we have no fees to pay out to anyone and we own the software). We have a large enough of client base where we can afford to offer you our first year revenue as compensation due to our high customer retention rate.

The average merchant (across all QuickBooks products) processes about $60,000 per year in credit/debit cards, at a rate of 60 basis points. Based on those numbers, your estimated compensation package is around $220 (per approved account/per month), for the first year.

How many accounts should I expect to bring per month?

While that depends on the amount of effort you put in, or contacts you have, we have seen agents bring up to 10 accounts per month.