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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my payment and gift card reports with PaymentCollect?2023-03-28T17:20:25-04:00

Yes, PaymentCollect offers detailed, flexible reporting options, allowing you to filter, group, and sort payment or gift card data to suit your needs.

What kind of support can I expect from PaymentCollect?2023-03-28T17:19:49-04:00

As both a developer and provider, PaymentCollect offers end-to-end, US-based support to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Our one-call support saves you time and ensures a positive experience.

How does PaymentCollect ensure the security of my transactions and data?2023-03-28T17:19:33-04:00

PaymentCollect prioritizes top-tier security features, processing payments directly within QuickBooks with real-time results and a fail-safe system ensuring full payment receipt. We also offer easy tokenization, allowing you to store multiple payment methods for recurring customers for smooth, hassle-free transactions.

What types of payments can I accept with PaymentCollect?2023-03-28T17:19:10-04:00

With PaymentCollect, you can accept chip cards, Apple Pay, PIN Debit, NFC, recurring payments, and more through terminals, websites, or virtual terminals. We also offer gift card flexibility, allowing you to utilize and reload existing Intuit Gift Cards or access our in-house printing program for new, fully integrated gift cards.

How does PaymentCollect help save on payment processing costs?2023-03-28T17:18:51-04:00

PaymentCollect owns its products, eliminating middlemen, and passes the savings directly to customers. We also provide discounts on QuickBooks product purchases and upgrades for Intuit ProAdvisors, and we commit to transparent, stable pricing without hidden price hikes or surprise fees.

What sets PaymentCollect apart from other payment processing services?2023-03-28T17:18:19-04:00

PaymentCollect is dedicated to providing seamless, robust, and easy-to-use QuickBooks integration plugins and related infrastructure. Unlike competitors, we fully integrate with all QuickBooks products, including QuickBooks Online, preventing double entry mistakes and loss of funds. We also offer fair and transparent pricing, top-notch support, and top-tier security features.