Are you tired of feeling like you’re getting ripped off by your credit card processing provider? Well, you’re not alone. Many business owners are being charged exorbitant fees by resellers like Heartland, who are taking advantage of their lack of knowledge on the subject.

We’ve seen it firsthand with many Heartland’s customers who’s decided to make the switch. Take a look at the statement below:

Heartland’s Fees, Are You Overpaying?

As you can see, Heartland is charging 6.46% (946.25 ÷ 14,626.19) × 100 = 6.46%, while the industry average is only 2.1%. That’s more than three times what you should be paying!

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Payment Collect has cut ties with some of our reseller partners to provide merchants with direct merchant services and significant savings. Say goodbye to overpaying for credit card processing and switch to Payment Collect today.

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