Shopify Integration for QuickBooks® POS

PaymentCollect’s Shopify Sync plugin for QuickBooks POS allows for seamless synchronization of inventory and sales data between Quickbooks POS and Shopify. Full inventory data for a list of user’s selected items is uploaded from Quickbooks POS to Shopify at the click of a button.

Sales Orders exchanged between Shopify and Quickbooks are converted into new Sales Receipts in Quickbooks POS.


From POS to Shopify

  • Syncs all inventory data for a user defined QuickBooks product list:
    • Description
    • Attributes
    • Images
    • Vendor
    • Quantity
    • UPC
    • item number
  • Synced items show in Shopify within a product categorization, mapped on a one-on-one basis, including inventory levels

From Shopify to POS

  • New Shopify Sales Orders are created in QuickBooks
  • Non existing QuickBooks customers are created
  • Inventory levels are adjusted for each one of the corresponding products

How does it compare to WebGility

  • PaymentCollect Shopify Sync is superior to Webgility.
  • Webgility does not identify the items in the Sales Order and registers a sales receipt decreasing the inventory levels
  • Webgility downloads a bulk figure representing sales for a given period and this is assigned to an account
  • A Sales Receipt is created, identical, in principle, to the order in Shopify and match each item in that order with the corresponding item in QuickBooks
  • PaymentCollect is more affordable

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